5 Best Mobile Apps To Simplify Logistics & Supply Chain Operations

Delivering goods in real-time and meeting consumer demands is crucial to logistics and supply chain management (SCM) business. To stay ahead of the competition, many logistics and SCM professionals utilize mobile devices and applications that track inventory and shipments, execute procurement transactions and reordering processes, and collaborate in real-time with external and internal supplier partners. In addition, there are applications that even inform you when your customers post negative ratings and comments about your brand on social media.

Tapping into these mobile tools can help you streamline your supply chain functionality, profitability, and productivity. In this article, we have highlighted some of the top logistics and supply chain management applications that can help you easily break down the logistics, SCM, and warehouse management barriers.

5 Logistics & Supply Chain Management Mobile Applications:

1. Logistics – A free Android mobile app designed to track vehicles, drivers, shipments, and clients. It is one of the best all-in-one mobile applications in the logistics and SCM space. If you are juggling with the logistics and warehousing operations, then Logistics app is the right solution to consider. It provides some serious operational capabilities that can help you extend visibility into your entire supply chain right from your mobile phone.

2. TomTom WEBFLEET – In the absence of your workforce, it is difficult to gain control over day-to-day operations. For this reason, TomTom created an application called WEBFLEET that tracks daily operations for your logistics business. It is an online mobile app that allows you to manage your fleets 24 hours a day. It is accessible via a web browser where managers can manage the entire field operations in real-time on their laptops or smartphones.

3. Vehicle Inspection – Logistics customers often demand visibility and flexibility in car delivery. And the Vehicle Inspection app provides just that. It helps you to streamline inspection process and deliver on-time services to customers. It is an automated app built using Xamarin, a cross-platform development methodology. It simplifies pre-delivery car inspection process, facilitates seamless collaboration between shipping agents, customers, and truckers, provides automated and paper-free inspection process, and delivers customized inspection services to customers.

4. EazyStock – A cloud-based inventory optimization software for simplifying forecasting and inventory planning. EazyStock helps to reduce the excess and obsolete stock levels (i.e. bad inventory) from your warehouses to lower down costs while extending the availability of your profitable products. It offers easy API integration with any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This helps inventory managers to automate the procurement and replenishment processes which historically were a guesswork resulting in reduced profit margins. EazyStock also includes attractive KPI dashboards that display how you stack up every month and call out areas where the costs can be reduced.

5. CoPilot Truck – This map and direction routing tool can be a game-changer for any professional truck driving business. It is an easy to use mobile app, providing essential turn-by-turn navigation. But it’s not your average Google Maps app. CoPilot Truck offers some extra algorithms to help truck drivers follow more efficient routes based on dynamic information such as routing parameters, truck height, weight recommendations, and load type for transporting hazardous material.

Which one of these apps would you use for your logistics business? Are there any other apps worth giving a consideration? Please let us know in the comments below.