5 Tips to Hire PhoneGap App Developer

To create an excellent mobile app requires years of expertise, skills and experience to understand the development paradigm. The best way to reach faster go to market is to outsource and hire a developer. But the problem arises while finding the right fit from the crowd of app developers. Sometimes it becomes very confusing and tedious to find the right one. Don’t worry, here are the five check list points which you need to follow for finding the ideal developer for your cross-platform app development.

1. Understand the Development Experience – Mobile developers have worked on creating different types of apps and have gained various experience, like some are good in building eCommerce mobile apps, some are good in creating gaming apps. First you need to evaluate whether the developer you are shortlisting has experience in building apps for multiple categories or just a few. That way you can evaluate the skills.

2. Document your Mobile App Requirements – Communication is a key skill played here. The more you understand your app, it would be better for the developers to understand and code. If you are not clear then the developers will not be able to deliver the desired app. You clearly need to define the scope and project requirements before passing the information to the developer. Many businesses are afraid of revealing their project details because they do not want their ideas to be used somewhere else and want to protect their IP. Simply sign an NDA document and then communicate all the details of the project.

3. Look for an Offshore Development Company – To estimate the final cost for your app becomes quite complex in a long run, making it a risky situation for managing your development budgets. To minimize the financial risk, it is a good idea to look for an offshore company offering fleet of developers to manage your app features. Different countries have different offshore development cost. Instead of hiring a native mobile app developer, offshoring is a good idea to get it built at affordable prices.

4. Proficiency in Developing Cross Platform Apps – Today there are multiple mobile platforms, making it cost intensive to develop native app for each mobile platform. To target all the mobile platforms, your app should be cross platform which can be built by using Xamarin or PhoneGap development. To develop cross-platform apps you can either hire a PhoneGap programmer that leverages HTML5, or a Xamarin developer to create apps with C#.

5. Post-Deployment Support – You must opt for post deployment services offered by developers to manage the last minute hiccups. This ensures proper protection at every stage right from development to design to post deployment support and maintenance. Simply ask the developer to be ready to work on releasing updates and fixing bugs after the launch of the app.

There are numerous mobile app developers available for hire from leading app development companies. You simply need to follow the above-mentioned five steps with the skills and development rates ranging from per hour to per month. Lastly, do not forget to document a contract and list the milestones, deliverables and deadlines before selecting a developer. We hope you achieved some clarity by the above checklist. We’d love to read your additional suggestions and opinions for hiring the best developer in the comments section below.