8 Outsourcing Checklist Before You Outsource .Net Development

Outsourcing has many benefits like cost savings, team management and faster time to market. But what are the motives of outsourcing .NET development? Today, many companies have an in house .NET service team, but they still outsource for better profits and fulfill their requirements with the rise in competition. This article provides you a brief idea about how to choose an outsourcing software development team to help you with .NET framework.

Outsourcing is the right development model for companies that have a limited budget and require high-end web development solutions at cost-effective prices. This is where you can hire dot net programmers from a .NET development service provider.

But before you hire .NET developer for any development project, what are the points you need to evaluate? You can consider the following:

1. The programmers must be trained, qualified and experienced in developing quality solutions using .NET framework to accomplish a solution in less time and within budget

2. They are certified from Microsoft for .Net development

3. They need to showcase their experience by presenting some past projects they’ve executed with some references

4. What is the risk mitigation strategy? How will they help in updating the solution?

5. They should also create good documentation and be training friendly to help your in-house teams

6. They help you in achieving cost-effectiveness throughout the project without compromising with the quality

7. They are good in communication through various channels like e-mails, chat, video conference and are able to deliver accurate status of the development work done

8. They must be flexible and scalable when the demand rises

Considering the above points will help you find your suitable outsourcing partner. Have you outsourced work before and faced any difficulty? What was the business model used during outsourcing? What technologies did you outsourced the work for? Did you achieve cost advantage compared to in-house development? Feel free to leave them in the comments.