AngularJS Tools: Top Recommendations for Creating Successful Web Apps

Developing a web app is a daunting task. Considering the evolving needs of customers and the consequent need for companies to deliver them successfully, development teams have no choice but to turn to the latest tools and resources to achieve these goals. Also, it can prove to be even more cumbersome when you are using a leading framework like AngularJS. Despite the framework's competency in enabling the development of high-quality products, the truth remains that one can often find themselves faced with myriad challenges even with an Angular web development project.

So, we put together a nifty list of the leading tools developers can use to assist them during the project and build a profitable app.

1. WebStorm: A robust AngularJS tool for coding, WebStorm was created by JetBrains to serve as an integrated development environment (IDE). It gets a built-in Dart plugin too. However, what's probably WebStorm's most exciting feature is that it enables the developers to demonstrate their code is going live albeit without necessitating a visit to the page or refreshing it. Let's say that this tool is an ideal live editorial manager appropriate for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And not only that, but it also transfers module packages even before the project's AngularJS script is imported.

2. AngularUI: Pace is crucial to any development project, thanks to today's cut-throat environment. It means developers need a tool that can help accelerate development without compromising on the quality. That's where AngularUI comes in -- it makes AngualrJS development work not only easier but also significantly quicker. AngularUI also empowers developers to replace unnecessary widgets with bare-bone directives that can be integrated with the UI bootstrap.

3. Sublime Text: A cross-platform source code editor for mark-up, code, and prose, Sublime Text's agility means it can adapt to any programming environment. It is fast and gets code snippet support that can be effortlessly tailored. In addition to that, Sublime Text also features a variety of bundles, such as the AngularJS bundle, that provide considerable help to developers working on Angular web development projects.

4. Karma: Another vital part of the development process is testing and for that there's an excellent tool that goes by the name of Karma. Specializing in testing, Karma provides robust testing features like mobile handset support and real browser implementation among other things. So any developer will tell you that such multifaceted-ness is quite important since the ability to test in peculiar circumstances can play a crucial role in the app's success.

5. Videogular: This tool allows programmers to offer HTML5-based video playing abilities, which means one can integrate video players into the app's design without a fuss.

Any developer must at least familiarize themselves with such tools before they take up an Angular web development assignment. We say this because these tools not only enable the delivery of modern features in the web app but also take out most of the stress people may associate with working the AngularJS framework.