How To Ensure The Success Of Your eStore Development?

Ecommerce is a trillion dollar market that has grown by 20 percent in the last few years. It comprises approximately 12 to 24 million eCommerce stores out of which only 650,000 online stores make a revenue of over 1,000 USD annually. These figures clearly show that developing an eCommerce store is the easy part, making a successful one is a tough task. There are multiple ways of improving the state of your eCommerce business. In this article, we have outlined five key factors that can help you build a powerful eCommerce store.

With mobile and tablets redefining the shopping process and path to purchase, online retailers are constantly looking for better ways to cater to various consumer segments. One of the many ways retailers rely on is to hire Magento developer, as Magento is the most preferred platform for eCommerce store development. It is a comprehensive solution that provides all the features, functionalities and tools an online business would require to thrive and sustain. From aesthetically beautiful templates to advanced SEO features and developer-friendly modules, Magento is a go-to platform every retailer should consider to build a successful web store. Let’s check out five ways to ensure the success of your eCommerce store.

Clean Aesthetics: This might sound pretty obvious but it is essential to have clean aesthetics for your online store. A web design is more about visual presentation than the information conveyed through it. You may be offering the best product possible in your niche, but if your home/landing page is cluttered or confusing, your online presence will eventually go down the drain. For creating a successful eStore, you must ensure an attractive user interface with a user experience as interactive and as simple as possible. Magento provides thousands of ready-to-use business-specific templates that have clean designs, intuitive layouts and complies with the latest web design trends. The templates are customizable to suit your business needs. Your store design should look fresh and compelling for a new user.

High-Quality Images: A successful eCommerce website is characterized by high-quality, full-width images having minimal text. The images on your website speaks about your website quality and business level. You can consider purchasing stock images or hire a professional photographer to capture high-quality pictures of your inventory. You can make your images configurable by offering zoom and color selection options. This will make your online store inventory easy to navigate resulting into a higher ROI.

Payment & Pricing: An eCommerce store without a payment gateway is just an online catalog. Although PayPal is a universally accepted payment method, integrating multiple payment methods such as debit, credit cards, and eWallets can ensure a reduced rate of cart abandonment. Multiple payment options provide customers the freedom to choose the payment gateway they prefer. Apart from that, pricing is another crucial factor that plays an important role in your online store success. Ensure you display your product prices, taxes, shipping charges and discounts clearly so that your customers know the final amount on the checkout page. Hidden costs on the checkout page often result in canceled transactions.

There are a couple of other things you need to take care of: an easy navigation, online customer support, security of your customer information, social media integration, responsiveness of your website, SEO, and reviews and ratings. Proper implementation of these things will not only make your web store move impressive but also help you stay on top of your competition. What are the other things an online entrepreneur should consider when building a successful online store? Share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comments below.