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Why Choose Drupal for Your Enterprise Website?

Have you ever wondered about what makes the websites of enterprise so prominent? The success of any enterprise website lies in the selection of right Content Management Systems (CMS). Now, the question arises, What CMS would be the best choice for your enterprise’s website? Drupal is known to be an ideal CMS for a large number of renowned global companies worldwide. It is a web content management software, especially for custom application development.

According to the recent report, the number of active enterprise websites tracked on Drupal is 614,752. With the ever-changing digital landscape, consumers are demanding more powerful web experiences. Drupal can build a tremendous personalized website that’s optimized for different devices and integrates with all your marketing tools. Some of the famous sites, namely, NASA, eBay, Twitter, Pinterest, Australian Government, Taboola, NCAA, Tesla, and many more have been built using Drupal.

In this article, we will discuss conventional as well as unconventional reasons, which make Drupal an excellent CMS for you:

What are the Unconventional Reasons to Opt for Drupal?

Better Presentation with Headless Drupal

With the rising popularity of decoupled (headless) architecture, Drupal offers cutting-edge user experience. It provides greater flexibility to the developers to innovate and integrate it with other technologies.

More Personalization with Predictive UX

It is a known fact that 65% of consumers are more likely to purchase at an online or offline store if they receive personalized and relevant promotions. Predictive UX extracts the potential of machine learning to anticipate the user’s need, which delivers them explicit and exclusive personalized content when in need.

Chatbots Drive Business Value

Chatbots are transforming CMS to next-generation digital experience and user engagement. It provides conversational UI that communicates with the user. Drupal helps Chabot API to integrate with your website seamlessly.

Mobile Ready

Increasing usage of mobility devices opens a door for new marketing platforms for enterprises. Drupal presents the content in the desired format for different mobile devices.

What are the Conventional Reasons to Choose Drupal?

Easy to Build

It is of no wonder that too much complexity in web development may prove to be time-consuming. When using Drupal, it becomes easy to create and customize (if required). Choosing the layout, themes, and more are just a click away for your Drupal websites.


Security is one of the critical needs of every business. More and more malware attacks are overwhelming every year. However, Drupal websites have proven records of being the most secure CMS. It safeguards you from online hacking attacks.

Higher Scalability

The major strength of this platform is its exceptional scalability. You can add as many pages new pages to your website without changing anything. As various communities of people use Drupal, it has a variety of different modules that helps you add specific features or functionality with similar capabilities which are free to download. Moreover, it is license-free and involves no maintenance costs.

SEO Friendly

SEO plays a vital role in achieving the goal of an organization. Drupal helps companies to create SEO friendly websites. Active Modules and clean code make it an exceptional SEO friendly CMS.

Outstanding Templates

Drupal has a massive community of theme designers that focuses on creating feature-rich templates. The list of options provides you to select models that align with your website vision. It includes fonts, aesthetics, layouts, graphics, flexible color schemes, and more.

Drupal offers the scope to build scalable solutions, ranging from a personal blog to corporate website and e-commerce platforms as per your need. Hence,

web application development using Drupal gives your enterprise the features and flexibility to innovate as per your user (visitor) preferences and behavior.

Why Is Drupal Development Popular Among Government Agencies?

Drupal made a huge splash when it was chosen to redesign the White House website. Today, more than 150 government websites run on Drupal. Apart from just powering government websites in the U.S., it powers the government sites of countries like Australia, Albania, Zimbabwe, and more. This makes Drupal a proven content management system (CMS) that exquisitely meets the diverse requirements of the government organizations around the globe.

But what makes Drupal popular among so many government organizations? The reason is its flexibility. Drupal is widely known for building and managing very large websites. And governments prefer Drupal development due to its capability of managing a variety of projects. However, there are a number of other factors that make Drupal a choice of CMS among government organizations. So, read through the list below

4 Factors That Make Drupal a Preferred Choice For Government Sector:

1. Cost Effective: Drupal, being an open-source platform, minimizes the initial cost of building or re-building a website. It is often considered as the most cost-effective platform. The software is free to download, use and share. This is the biggest long-term benefit for governments as they can save a huge amount for licensing websites. In addition to that, Drupal is developed by a community of 630,000+ developers and comes with thousands of free modules and extensions. Also, the users contribute and maintain the platform continuously. So, governments do not have to worry about the outdated technology issues.

2. Innovation: As Drupal is community-driven by nature, it helps government agencies to innovate through collaboration. It is essential for government agencies to share the technologies and innovations across other government bodies as they can benefit from it. This also fits well with President Obama’s words, “We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration." Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons why Drupal was chosen for re-building

3. Security: This is another reason that makes government agencies jump onto Drupal bandwagon. Governments have recognized the superior security an open-source model can offer. With a community of more than thousand developers, the security gaps are quickly identified and remediated. It also provides other security methods like community and automated code review. This makes Drupal an obvious choice as website security is of utmost importance to any government organization.

4. Flexibility & Scalability: Drupal is highly flexible and scalable to fit into various projects. From government agencies to enterprises. Drupal can fulfill requirements of all. Name a feature you require and the Drupal community may have a module already. In case you don’t find it, you can develop and contribute it back to the community.

With all the above-listed reasons, Drupal seems to be an appealing solution for developing government websites. Since the launch of White House site, Drupal has made a special place in the government space for itself. It has also shared all the government projects on its community.

What other benefits do you think Drupal can offer for governments and enterprises? List your answers in the comments.